Flat / Spade Bit

Flat / Spade Bit

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Universal 1/4 inch bit shank.

Flat bit speed drills suited for plumbing, instalation- and electrician activities.
Quick clean and shatterproof drillng.
Grinded drill point and cutting edges.
Total lenght 152 mm.

"Saving so much time
on every single job"

Demo by Hydroheat

Pro-Fit Holesaws are rated 5 Stars


Bought the starter kit to give these a try, very impressed with the way they slice through kitchen carcasses, the pull back system to get rid of the core makes life so much easier. I will be using these all the time, going to get the pipe work kit next and build from there. Great product


N Barker Plumbing Heating and Gas Services


The profit carpenters kit is the best hole saw kit there is, I have used many hole saws over the years and everyone except the Pro-Fit I’ve had problems with, either the teeth burning the material or the wood plug getting stuck in the cutter. But not anymore, these Pro-Fit cutters are the best there is.


Carefix Services

Designed to Save You Time

Pro-Fit Holesaws have been designed to make your life easier and your work more enjoyable. Just pull back, remove and you're good to go.

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