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Monument Masters 15mm Copper Pipe Bender



Monument Autocuts (15mm, 22mm & 28mm)


Personalised by Monument

All these products are individually personalised in our factory in Hackbridge, Surrey using our commercial laser.


1. How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow up to 21 working days for delivery of your personalised items.

2. Is there a limit to the amount of characters I can add on each product?

Yes. You will see a character limit beneath each individual product description on the respective product page.

3. Which products are available for personalisation?

All products that are available to be personalised are listed above. We aim to increase our personalisation offering to additional products further down the line.

If you'd like to request a product, please fill in this form here.

4. Can I return my order?

It is vitally important that when you place your order that you check all details, including dates, spelling, punctuation and grammer are correct before you checkout.

If you are unhappy with your personalised product and would like to return it, we reserve the right to charge a £20 fee to mitigate the cost of us removing your personalised text ready for resale.

This £20 fee is waivered only where there is a fault with the product, or where we have made a mistake with the personalisation.

Please see our full Terms of Service for personalised products here.

5. What can I not personalise my product with?

Whilst we have not had a humour bypass and understand that banter is a big part of any trades day, we do respect our workforce and will not expose them to anything that may be deemed offensive.

Hence, we reserve the right to refuse the printing of anything that would be considered racist, abusive, sexist or generally offensive.

We also reserve the right to NOT refund any purchase that does not follow the above guidelines.