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Monument Masters Tool Case

"Great bag designed by heating engineers, for heating engineers."

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Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox
Monument Sweatbox

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Monument Sweatbox
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The Monument Sweatbox has been designed and manufactured in Britain.

The Sweatbox allows plumbing and heating engineers to solder joints 15mm and 22mm by clamping the copper pipe copper in the patented clamp and then resting on the silicone strip.

This saves the engineer time and the need to make some kind of makeshift holding device with bits of wood found in the skip.

Manufactured from engineering grade plastic with a flame retardant. The silicone strip edge ensures heat is not conducted from the copper to the clients property.

There are sealed compartments, ideal for holding a gas canister, disconnected blowtorch and all the other items for soldering, even flux brushes.

Designed For the Trade, By the Trade. #MadeInBritain.

A word from our Monument Masters

I love the fact I am invited to give input and shape the future of the products we all use



I get to test and review tools whilst supporting a brand that still manufactures in the UK.


SAFGas Ltd

A great group where we turn problems into ideals and then develop products to make our lives easier.



It's great seeing the effort that the company puts into even the smallest tools that help us day to day.


Terry Burgin Plumbing and Heating Engineer

I don’t know of any other company doing this and feel very proud to be a part if it.