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Tools designed by roofers, for roofers

Master Roofers UK has been an essential space for tradespeople since 2015 when an online community was formed to support those in the industry looking to better themselves through networking, learning and sharing resources.

That community now stands at a staggering 49,000 members in various forum groups.

They are passionate and driven to improve the UK roofing industry for tradespeople and experts in their field, celebrating craftsmanship and creativity in roofing.

Since then Master Roofers has gone from strength to strength and has now set up its own company focussing on many areas of the roofing industry.

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A community of over 49,000 roofers

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The entire Master Roofers range has been designed by roofers, for roofers. Grab your own Master Roofer tools today.

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"The Master Roofer's community has been a value to me for over 6 years now, I love how so many people in one industry come together to build each other up. There's always something going on and I'm constantly learning something new from the other members"


"Master Roofers are a great asset to the roofing industry in the UK. Not only are they providing an essential place for tradesmen to chat and network but all the work they are doing in the broader industry is fantastic for the betterment of roofing as a whole"