Monument Masters 15mm Copper Pipe Bender Monument Tools
Monument Masters 15mm Copper Pipe Bender Monument Tools

Monument Masters 15mm Copper Pipe Bender

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The Monument Masters 15mm Copper Pipe Bender has been designed and manufactured in Britain.

Standard XV - 1215K

The Monument Masters XV Copper Pipe Bender is a single sized pipe bender for 15mm copper pipe (0.7mm wall).

It has a number of advantages over a traditional combi 15mm pipe bender:

  • Less fiddly – with the integrated hook and nylon guide, the integrated hook stop won’t flop from side to side and the guide(s) won’t fall out.

  • Lighter in the hand than a combi - the XV weighs 1.5kg. The Monument combi weighs more than 4kg.

  • Less cumbersome – you are only using a bender for the size of pipe being bent.

  • Better sight lines – as the bend is in the same plane as the arms of the bender it is easier to line up by eye.

  • Smaller than a combi - the XV has an arm length of 40cm approx. (a combi arm length is 65cm). The XV even fits in a tool bag.

Extended 1315XVE

The 15mm XVE with its extended arms gives more mechanical advantage over the 15mm XV, making it even easier to make a bend. 

The Monument 1215K-XV & 1315Extended-XVE create similar bend radiuses to a Monument 2600K combi bender.

They have aluminium diecast forms, CNC turned steel handles with knurling for improved grip and integral replaceable nylon guides.

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Designed For the Trade, By the Trade. #MadeInBritain.

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By the Trade, for the Trade

Our entire Monument Masters Range is designed in partnership with engineers like you to ensure that every product we introduce to the market is best in class.

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I get to test and review tools whilst supporting a brand that still manufactures in the UK.


SAFGas Ltd

A great group where we turn problems into ideals and then develop products to make our lives easier.



I love the fact I am invited to give input and shape the future of the products we all use




It's great seeing the effort that the company puts into even the smallest tools that help us day to day.


Terry Burgin Plumbing and Heating Engineer


I don’t know of any other company doing this and feel very proud to be a part if it.



Proudly Manufacturing Monument Tools in Britain Since 1932

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